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Florianopolis is the capital city of Santa Catarina state, Brazil, and one of the three Brazilian capital islands. The city is highlighted for being the Brazilian capital with the best human development index, which makes it the forth city in the country with the best quality of life. In addition, Florianopolis is formed by amazing landscapes, which transform it into an extremelly inspiring scenery for taking pictures, traveling and enjoying quality time in nature.

With approximately 481.000 inhabitants, Florianopolis stands out as being a unique place formed by amazingly beautiful beaches, lagoons, caves, caverns, and waterfalls. It also offers several adventure tourism options, rich flora and fauna, and an incredible biodiversity – as is characteristic of Santa Catarina and other Brazilian regions. Floripa (as it is affectionately called by many) enchants in a way most visitors can’t wait to return to the island after their first glimpse.  Florianopolis is a modern city, with great infrastructure for leaisure time, trips, commerce and services, especially when it comes to tourism and hospitality. The charming place combines the bustle of the big cities with the tranquility of a fishing village as few Brazilian places are capable of doing.

Also know as ‘the magic island’, Florianopolis was colonized by the Azorean, and the most striking record of its colonization lays in the architecture of the houses, still preserved in  several spots since the colonial period. The singular constructions – inhabited by ‘manezinhos da ilha’ (as we call the people who were born in the island) – are the perfect location for taking beautiful pictures and serving as scenery for an original city tour.

The exhuberance of the natural landscapes and the contrast with the regional culture make of Florianopolis the ideal spot for combining art and photographic techniques to the creativity of its many visitors, who pop in during the whole year. Inspired by that, Floripa Click Tour has selected the best available city tours and has developed photography-themed walks. We want to transform and intensify your touristic experience in Floripa, and based on that we offer a distinct tour for you to discover Florianopolis in a way you have never imagined!

Vídeo of Floripa 

Watch the Video Clip that the guys of the Youtube Channel "Toca ai" made. In it, you will have an idea of the main beaches and neighborhoods, see all the options that exist in Florianópolis.

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