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Visit Downtown

More than sun and beach, you will be delighted by the history of Floripa


It is from the city hall that the whole history of Santa Catarina begins, and through a walking that can take up to 2 hours it is posible to learn regional and cultural aspects offering memorable experiences. It is a safe, short and deep tour with photography included of Santa Catarina Island  !! With an old picture album of the places to be visited we understand the way of life and the urban changes that have occurred. In this Walking Tour you can understand the reasons  and details of historical buildings and it is posible to make a reflection on which direction we are going to conserve and understand the historical and environmental heritage. It is part of the route: Cathedral, Public Market, Customs House, XV November Square and its surroundings.

For starting time and days booking please contact us to make an appointment.

Meeting point: Monument to the lace makers (Monumento das Rendeiras), opposite of the Custom House (Casa da Alfândega) and beside the Public Market (Mercado Público).

Photography is included.

Floripa Click Tour invites you and your family/friends to get to know all history in the most classic buildings of Florianopolis, leaving the knowledge of the tour on our own.

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