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São Francisco do Sul
Balneário Camboriú
Porto Belo
Gov. Celso Ramos
SC Canyons of the Mountain Range

In its 95,346 km², the state of Santa Catarina is home to 6,248,436 inhabitants (IBGE 2010), who live in 295 different municipalities, including the capital Florianópolis. Santa Catarina - also known by the gentiles of the green belly - is benefited by the natural conditions of the soil. The climate is subtropical humid and the seasons are well defined. Temperature of almost 40° C in summer attracts many tourists to beautiful beaches of the coast of state , while temperatures below O° C make the winter Catarinense even more charming, especially when there is snow.
The diverse ethnic groups that established our lands range from native tribes and Afro-Brazilian resistant groups conecting to the many European groups that settled on the coast, in the mountains and on the plateau of Santa Catarina. With emphasis on the Azoreans, Germans and Italians.

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